Self Portrait

It’s only appropriate to start this blog celebrating Herluf Bidstrup with his strip titled Self Portrait.

A note about the strip titles.  These are taken from a Chinese source so I have to translate the strip titles into English.  I’m not sure of the original titles.

These pictures were scanned from a set of books called “World Comics Boutique” (《世界漫画精品》, ISBN: 9787536330993). Which were published in 1994. Four books in total and I own two of them.

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Balloons and the kid.

Photo taken by a friend using an HTC T·Mobile G2.

Puddle Mixtape


I call this piece "a professional work by an amateur". The photo was taken in my campus. As for the name “puddle”, is inspired by “Puddleglum” from The Chronicles of Narnia — just came up with it inadvertently. I must declare the transition from track 06 to 07 was a rip-off from “Mix for OOG Radio Megabeat Club" by L’Equipe du Son from Netherlands.

01. The Living Islands - Empire (SymbolOne ‘Into the Tropics’ Remix)
02. Jessie Ware - Imagine It Was Us
03. Daft Punk - Rinzler (Kaskade Remix)
04. AFX - Analogue Bubblebath
05. Rory Phillips - Chamber Music
06. Two Door Cinema Club - Next Year (Jbag Remix)
07. Black Van - Inside
08. Rocco Desentis - Danze Fraternalle
09. Boys Noize - Gax
10. Hermanos Inglesos - Take Me Down (The Living Islands ‘Tropical Doom’ Remix)
11. Saint-Etienne - Head for the Fair (Time & Space Machine Remix)
12. Hannulelauri - Dysfunction

Here it is, the title reads “People’s Pictorial”. Yesterday grandpa helped me found those old pictorials from their cabin. As printed they were published in 1973, forty years before.

The school acquired us to do a survey about “the memories of Mao”. I chose the topic “the cultural life of Mao era”, that I think it will be easily evade the political discussion since I’ve been trying to remain neutral. Actually it’s not always easy in mainland China.

I’ll talk about my thoughts on this survey after I finished it.